GIFT-Superhero Theme Confetti and 11in Balloons - bouquet of 10

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   Floats 1 to 2 days. See Longevity Notes.
   Inflated with helium - this item will float.
   This item is Ready-To-Party™.


Sent a gift but make it GLAM! The ever popular confetti bouquet is a crowd favorite that suits every occasion. Add a custom vinyl and card for a personalized touch.

Color Palette:
Balloon - blue, red, black, silver, yellow, white
Confetti - silver, yellow, red, navy, black, white

tied to ribbon and weight

H - approx. 7ft.

Balloon - biodegradable latex
Confetti - paper

Delivery available in Chicagoland (enter zip code at checkout).

Balloons look their best when they are at their freshest point. Schedule pickup or delivery time on the same day as your event when possible. Unbag balloons as soon as possible.

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Balloons should not remain in bags. Always unbag balloons upon receipt to ensure better float time.

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