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Congrads Surprise Set

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Transform your space in seconds. This set comes inflated and ready to place so you can celebrate in an instant. Perfect for surprise celebrations, virtual parties and easy at-home fetes.

Color Palette:
Balloons: black, white and gold
Stars: black
Foils: white and gold
Streamer: gold

Bouquet - tied to ribbon and weight

Balloon - biodegradable latex and foil
Streamer - foil

Sweet Package includes:
25 ceiling balloons
15 floor balloons
1 16in foil letter CONGRADS

Nice Package includes:
50 ceiling balloons
15 floor balloons
6 individual star balloons
1 bouquet of 3
1 16in foil letter CONGRADS

Wow Package includes:
75 ceiling balloons
35 floor balloons
11 individual star balloons
1 confetti giant
1 bouquet of 3
1 16in foil letter CONGRADS

Delivery available in Chicagoland (enter zip code at checkout).

Balloons & Florals look their best when they are at their freshest point. Schedule pickup or delivery time on the same day as your event when possible. Unbag balloons/florals as soon as possible.

This product is not available for store pickup. 

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Balloons should not remain in bags. Always unbag balloons upon receipt to ensure better float time.

Ceiling balloons are not suitable on popcorn ceilings, raw wood and brick surfaces. 

All orders are final and non-refundable 24 hours after payment is processed.
Delivery and pickup time can only be modified based on availability.