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Construction Theme - Number Balloon Pedestal - 4FT

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   Lasts 1 to 2 days. See Longevity Notes.
   Inflated with air - this item will not float.
   This item is Ready-To-Party™.
   Handcrafted piece. May vary from picture.


A fun way to celebrate. These popular foil numbers and pedestals are convenient and versatile. Place near sweets table, photo booth, gift's table or entrance to your party.

This product is Ready-To-Party™. Comes inflated and assembled. Simply unbag and enjoy!?

Color Palette:

Balloon - yellow, orange, black, white and silver
Foil - silver number, bulldozer design


tied to ribbon and weight


H (per foil) - approx. 3ft
W (per foil) - approx. 1.5ft
W (total) - approx. 3ft


Balloon - biodegradable latex and foil

Longevity may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Balloons should not remain in bags. Always unbag balloons upon receipt.

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