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Safety measures for our community

All Paris312 team members have been thoroughly educated and trained on the following health and safety measures: 

1. Production Based Practices

a) Paris312 team members' temperature is verified daily.

b) Paris312 team members are supplied daily with masks and gloves to wear during the cleaning and production process. 

c) All surfaces are thoroughly sanitized prior to, during and after use each day. 

d) Team members are required to wash their hands upon entering or leaving production for any reason. 

e) A limited number for production staff is scheduled each day. 

f) To avoid close contact, all work stations are reasonably distanced. 

g) Hand sanitizers have been included at each workstation for individual use. 

h) Food sharing is not permitted amongst staff. 

    2. Low-Contact Delivery

    a) Our Low-Contact Delivery team is supplied daily with masks and gloves to wear during the delivery process. 

    b) All delivery vehicles are thoroughly sanitized prior to and after each day. 

      3. Updated Business Policy

      a) We do not accept walk-ins, we encourage clients to easily shop online.

      b) Available for support via email: support@paris312.com.

      c) All consultations are conducted remotely.